“A postcard and I'm pining for New England. . .” – Amy Ballard

You’ve waited long enough for this blend to makes it annual autumn debut!
A black tea with maple and pepper? It’s unusual to say the least. Bold, robust, and a touch of sweetness. There is a “weight” to the brew that feels like a warm blanket as it enters the body. We’ve known many a coffee drinker to proclaim their love for this cuppa. One of our more popular blends, but only offered in Fall and Winter.

Kind words from our TeaLovers™ –

Freaking awesome, thank you for all that you do!” – James

“We only buy tea from you now. You're our dealer.  Peter + Nancy

“The only way I get Noah to come to the market is to promise him your iced teas.  Joe

“We walked 2 miles to get here to pick up tea. And just so you know, we'll be walking those 2 miles to get back home. That's 4 miles to pick up 1 bag of your tea. We love them that much. Carol + Bill

“Love this company! Thank you so much for bringing high quality tea to the DMV!  Ryan

“I'm not interested nor do I really want to buy tea from anyone else.  Joanne

“The thing is... I could buy any tea and put cream and sugar in it and its gonna taste decent. But your tea tastes so good on its own without anything in it!  Angela

“Thank goodness you are here. It's the best part of my weekend...coming here to have tea. I look forward to it all week.