New Arrival:
Georgetown Grey

District Tea Blend :: 01

A dignified, crisp, clean, well-mannered cup of Earl Grey that supports the tea drinking habits of locals and international visitors alike.

Wellness Zone:
Anti-inflammatory Tonic

Turmeric reduces inflammation in the body

Turmeric reduces inflammation in the body

Everyone is talking about turmeric, but do you know that you need added ingredients to enhance bio-availability so it can get into your cells? We do!

Jams + Preserves

Local. low sugar. High anti-oxidants

Local. low sugar. High anti-oxidants

Made from local fruit and our loose leaf teas, each batch is hand-made and is low in sugar, and high in antioxidants. Limited supple. Seasonal.

 Kind Words:

“Don't judge a book by it's cover. Or in this case, a tea shop by its tent." - Rebecca

"I never liked tea before. What kind of magic have you spun?" - Jonathon

"3pm keeps me sane. Which is hard to do with three kids." - Ellen

"That Rest + Relaxation made me feel much better. I was having trouble sleeping and almost didn't go through with my wedding." - Anonymous

"Love, love, love your teas so much!" - Joanna