Pearl of Wisdom:
"In the cherry blossom's shade there's no such thing as a stranger." - Kobayashi Issa 


Worth the wait...

Our Sakura Sencha "Cherry Blossom" tea has finally arrived from Japan. We wait each year braving 3 seasons until these delicate beauties wake up. This years Sakura Sencha is, quite frankly, marvelous. With added Matcha, the flavor profile is slightly nutty, sweet and fresh.


Tea Tasting + Workshops

Join us for 3 upcoming tea tasting and workshops around the DC-MD-VA area! We'll be sampling Matcha from Japan and Korea along with this years Sakura Sencha Cherry Blossom Green tea at West Elm Mosaic (VA), Red Bandana Bakery (MD) and Dorjee Momo (DC)!


Kind (+ Funny) Words:

"I never liked tea before. What kind of magic have you spun?" - Jonathon

"Please never, ever, ever, ever stop selling tea. I won't be able to take it." - Lenny

"We only buy tea from you now. You're our dealer." - Peter + Nancy

"The only way I get Noah to come to the market is to promise him your iced teas." - Joe

"What do you mean there's no more Golden Monkey? Are you kidding me? OMG I shouldn't have shared it with my friend." - Alyson

"We walked 2 miles to get here to pick up tea. And just so you know, we'll be walking those 2 miles to get back home. That's 4 miles to pick up 1 bad of your tea. We love them that much." - Carol + Bill

"Love this company! Thank you so much for bringing high quality tea to the DMV!" - Ryan

"I'm not interested nor do I really want to buy tea from anyone else." - Joanne

"We just drove 1.5 hours just to pick up tea from you." - Dot + Ken

"I am NEVER giving up my Pearl Fine Teas!" - Patricia