Pearl of Wisdom:
“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi



We've managed to come across a small lot of a gorgeous 2nd Flush Darjeeling Black Tea from 2017. We call this a "Tea Miracle" ... 


Healing Heart Tonic

Introducing District Tea #02: Brookland! This heart healing tonic is caffeine free and full of health benefits for body and soul.


Kind (+ Funny) Words:

Freaking awesome, thank you for all that you do!” – James

“We only buy tea from you now. You're our dealer. Peter + Nancy

“The only way I get Noah to come to the market is to promise him your iced teas. Joe

“We walked 2 miles to get here to pick up tea. And just so you know, we'll be walking those 2 miles to get back home. That's 4 miles to pick up 1 bad of your tea. We love them that much. Carol + Bill

“Love this company! Thank you so much for bringing high quality tea to the DMV! Ryan

“I'm not interested nor do I really want to buy tea from anyone else. Joanne

“We just drove 1.5 hours just to pick up tea from you. Dot + Ken

“I am NEVER giving up my Pearl Fine Teas!” – Patricia

“I love your teas and wish more coffee shops carried it!” – Joanna

“This actually tastes good. And I don't drink tea.” – Josh