Healing Heart Tisane


Healing Heart Tisane


Healing Heart Tisane is a blend of organic rose petals, lemongrass and light touch of ginger that is totally caffeine free, soothing, uplifting and heart warming. There are many health benefits to this blend to this wellness tonic:

• Naturally uplifting (especially for those prone to feeling down or depressed)
• Regulates hormone levels (how the neurotransmitters in our brain are regulated)
• Can help to improve liver function and increase urination (natural natural diuretic)
• Releases toxins from the body.
• Good source of Vitamin C (improves immunity)
• May also help treat arthritis, menstrual cramps, cold/flu, digestive issues, and insomnia

Lemon grass:
• Traditionally used to help control and normalize heart rate and for high blood pressure.
• Used for the treatment of depression and anxiety
• Anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal
• Loaded with Vitamin C (improves immunity)
• Citral is the active constituent and lemon grass has the highest concentration of it compared to any other plant in the world. Citral has antioxidant and anti-tumor properties that both benefit the brain.

• Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fungal
• Boots Immunity
• Aids digestion and relief from nausea
• Improves heart disease risk factors
• May lower Cholesterol

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Ingredients: Organic Rose petals, Lemon grass, Ginger
Directions: Heat 6-8 oz of fresh water to a rolling boil (212ºF preferred) over a heaping 1-2 teaspoons of tea. Steep 5+ minutes, strain and serve immediately.

Caffeine: None.