Like the Pearl, tea is steeped in folklore and tradition. It is the oldest known gem, and was for centuries considered the most valuable. Similarly, tea was traded as gold for many years, especially bricks of Chinese Puer. Unlike other precious gems, the Pearl is organic matter derived from a living creature (oysters and mollusks), and no two pearls are alike – much like snowflakes… and tea leaves. A tiny, rough grain of sand transforms into an object of great value and beauty. It’s the same with tea, which begins as a leaf on the Camellia Sinensis bush, goes through rigorous processing, and is transformed over time into another form of great value and beauty. And exceptional taste.

Pearl Fine Teas is a little company (and we plan to keep it that way) – yet our love of tea is immeasurable. As tea lovers (and consumers) we value quality and excellent customer service. We believe we offer both. Our loose leaf teas are crafted by dedicated masters with knowledge developed over generations. We take great pride in curating and sourcing a selection of teas of unsurpassed quality.

We won't sell anything we wouldn't drink ourselves. To achieve this goal we understand that we must always strive to improve both our products and our service. We welcome comments and suggestions (and compliments).

In the end our mission is simple: To provide high-quality premium tea leaves to our clients, and spread TeaLove® as we travel the world.