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We bring this out each year during National Iced Tea Month! It's a superb tea blend that is glorious over ice. One sip and you'll be searching travel websites for flights to some exotic tropical locale.

An unusual blend of both black and green teas combined with tropical fruit is slightly heavier then our other summer black tea blends, but it is just fantastic over ice.

This is one of our Seasonal Summer Blends that is only available from June to early September!

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Ingredients: Black tea, Green tea, guava, coconut, hibiscus, strawberry
Directions: Heat 6-8 oz of fresh water to (212ºF preferred) over a heaping 1-2 teaspoons of tea. Steep 3-5+ minutes, strain and serve immediately. If making iced tea, steep 5-10+ minutes, pour over ice.

Caffeine: Yes