Ginger Peach


Ginger Peach

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They go together like Bogie + Bacall... Scarlet + Rhett... Tom + Jerry...

If ever a pair were meant to live happily ever after, it's Ginger and Peach. This is a perfect combination that creates one of the most popular iced teas requested each summer. Crystalized ginger and dried peaches pair to create a brew that requires no added sugar.

This is one of our Seasonal Summer Blends that is only available from June to early September!

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Ingredients: Black tea, dried peaches, crystalized ginger
Directions: Heat 6-8 oz of fresh water to (212ºF preferred) over a heaping 1-2 teaspoons of tea. Steep 3-5+ minutes, strain and serve immediately. If making iced tea, steep 5-10+ minutes, pour over ice.

Caffeine: Yes